Fundraising Overview

Burning Platform

The burning platform for this fundraising drive is the current reality for women, children and health facilities in Uganda. Here is what we are up against:


RCRA’s funding drive is an ongoing campaign to support RCRA’s community support programs in the Rwenzori region of Uganda.RCRA implements population, health and environment (PHE) operating model to provide holistic solutions to the underprivileged population in the community.


Empowering communities for improved livelihoods, healthcare and education appropriate for the 21st century, through awareness, research, technology, and innovation. RCRA continuously strives towards being a center of excellence for research and innovation while serving the communities in the Rwenzori region



  • Bring quality & affordable medical care to vulnerable citizens
  • Reduce to zero all preventable maternal deaths
  • Reduce poverty by keeping people healthy
  • Improve quality of life & wellbeing
  • Contribute to UN SDGs through RCRA’s broad range of robust and scalable initiatives
  • Learn about and participate in new and innovative ideas to address humanitarian challenges and to advance UN SDGs
  • Be part of RCRA’s passionate global network and community
  • Work with an established & lean local NGO with diverse staff that has delivered on multiple social programs
  • Enable actors of civil society to take positive action in their communities and motivate others, creating a snowball effect and making the world a better place
  • Enhance my organization’s social responsibility profile and brand management through multitude of RCRA activities and benefits for donors
  • Care about others and our planet


Making a Difference / Impact

SDG2 (Zero Hunger)

  • Improve child nutrition in the Rwenzori region by 15%

SDG3 (Good Health)

  • Save 116 women & 70 children in the initial year from preventable death. Doubling these numbers in subsequent years
  • Flatten the COVID-19 curve with lower morbidity and mortality rate

SDG8 (Economic Growth)

  • Facilitate employment opportunities to medical professionals in the area (150 in total in the first year) plus hundreds more in associated activity and local business

SDG1 – SDG17

  • Passionate promoter & enabler of UN 17 SDGs
  • Continue to deliver to vulnerable citizens while having a vision to grow further locally & regionally
  • Raise awareness about SDGs for [5,000] people annually, enabling them to take action locally

Donor Benefits

  • Enhance your social responsibility profile
  • Regular updates
  • Possible promotion on RCRA’s website & other platforms
  • Grow your network
  • Name a hospital section = Brand equity
  • Increase employee engagement, pride, loyalty
  • Tax deductible
  • Acknowledgement in RCRA Annual Report
  • Speak at RCRA event
  • Nominate member to advisory board/selection committee


  1. Campaigns
  2. Digital
  3. Community
  4. Partnerships & Sponsorships
  5. Memberships
  6. Direct Mail
  7. Grants


  1. Small Individual Donors
  2. Major Individual Donors
  3. Foundations
  4. Businesses
  5. Government
  6. International Organizations

Ways to support RCRA


A sharing or promotion of RCRA on social media
or other platforms.


 An article published in a newspaper, journal, or online format promoting us.

A monetary donation to get recognised as one of the many RCRA financial partners.


The monthly or yearly fee that would grant patients medical assistance in the hospitalDonors could opt to pay the membership fees of several patients.


A wide variety of relationships and collaboration contracts between RCRA and potential partners
to address particular or multiple social campaigns.


A volunteer willing to assist in activities of the Grace Community hospital. RCRA will assist (non-financially) with housing, meals, paperwork (for visas etc).


A product that could be used during the construction o the operation of Grace Community Hospital. It can be for temporary or permanent usage.


A support given by a donor to a specific RCRA’s event or activity.  Sponsorships may take the form of cash, free or discounted products, technical support, etc.