Friend Partner Champion Visionary Benefactor
Recognition Type  Timeline









Thank you email Within 48 hours x x x x x
Certificate of Donation Within 48 hours x x x x x
Video update on impact Quarterly x x x x x
Email annual report Annually x x x x x
Sending a welcome package Within 48 hours x x x x
Personal note from Board Within 48 hours x x x
Thank you phone call Within 48 hours x x x
Invitation to donor recognition event Annually x x x
Promote on RCRA’s website Annually x x x
Send anniversary cards Annually x x x
Souvenirs Annually x x x
Profile in RCRA’s communications Annually x x
Thank you video Annually x x
Name a hospital room Annually x
Plant a tree in the hospital’s garden Annually x
Opportunity to Nominate Executive to Advisory Board Annually x
Name a hospital section 5 years donation x