Health of People and Environment Project (HoPE) Phase III in Maliba and Kyabarungira, Kasese, Uganda: Project period: 02/2018 to July 2019; Funded by Margareti A Cargill Foundation US

This project is focused on achieving four specific objectives


  • To improve the uptake of essential sexual, reproductive and MNCH (maternal, neonatal and child health) services.
  • To integrate HIV and malaria services among populations living in the Lake Victoria Basin (LVB) project sites.

To increase communities’ capacities to sustainably manage natural resources in an attempt to increase food security and improve livelihoods in HoPE-LVB project sites.

  • To utilize the emerging PHE policy framework to support health system strengthening, natural resource management and the scaling up of the HoPE-LVB model for PHE integration in Kasese project sites.




  • Reduced deforestation. 137 energy saving smoke free cooking stoves were constructed in 137 model households from brick soils, sand, cement, wire mesh and clay. These households were also trained in energy saving construction.
  • Improved household hygiene: 137 tip taps were constructed in 137 model households, leading to improved home sanitation and hygiene.
  • Restoration of eco-system: 411 fruit trees (lemon/mango/orange/jackfruit) were distributed to 137 model households.
  • Increased nutrition security: 40+ demo kitchen gardens and 40 drying racks were constructed.
  • Disease and unwanted pregnancy prevention: 19708 condoms were distributed to health centers in Isule, Mukathi, Maliba and Kyanya.