Global Financing Facility accountability at the sub-national level from July 2019 to 2021, funded by Population Action International US

The project aims to achieve 3 objectives listed below:

  1. To track GFF implementation through development of bi-annual district scorecards
  2. To build one RMNCAH+N district coalition to support advocacy
  3. To enhance the capacities of 80 CSOs, in Kasese District in health budget advocacy and expenditure tracking on Women, Children and Adolescent services

Todate, RCRA has produced and published the second scorecard on global financing facility and Results-Based Financing implementation in Kasese, Uganda. Trained 20 CSOs representatives at the sub-national level in budget advocacy including strengthening their capacity to engage in expanded district health management teams.


2. Argument  the process of introducing Heat Stable Carbetocin and Tranexamic Acid in Uganda. Supported by WACI Health

Postpartum haemorrhage (PPH), or excessive bleeding following the birth of a baby, is the leading direct cause of maternal deaths globally.

In 2017 and 2018, based on extensive new evidence, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued two new recommendations for prevention and treatment of PPH and included two new medicines in the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines. If widely and efficiently implemented, these recommendations have the potential to contribute to a reduction in maternal mortality, particularly in Uganda

Project Objectives with the Ministry of Health:

  1. Review current treatment of PPH in Uganda in the context of introducing new uterotonic medicines
  2. Review of current health systems capacities for management of PPH to inform plans for introducing Tranexamic Acid and Carbetocin policy guidelines
  3. Orient members on the recent WHO recommendations on management and prevention of PPH using IV Tranexamic Acid (TXA) and Heat Stable Carbetocin respectively.
  4. Make recommendations for the revision of the Uganda EMHSL, Clinical Treatment Guidelines, Protocols, Job aids etc. to include the new PPH medicines (heat stable Carbetocin and Tranexamic acid)
  5. Discuss modalities of mobilizing resources for heat stable carbetocin and tranexamic acid.
  6. Discuss and reach a consensus on key strategize issues for disseminating and implementing carbetocin and intravenous TXA guidelines for managing PPH including mechanisms for monitoring the implementation


Expected Results

The expected outcome of the activity is a revised Uganda EMHSL, Clinical Treatment Guidelines, Protocols, Job aids  with the new medicines (heat stable carbetocin and tranexamic acid)