Updated CSOs Engagement on GFF Accountability Scorecard – Kasese District April 2020


This Scorecard Assessment Tool is designed to assess the performance of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in the implementation Results Based Financing (RBF) for women, adolescent and child health (WCAH) services in Kasese District. It also assesses the capacities of the CSOs to undertake budget monitoring for the WCAH services in the district. CSOs are mandated under the RBF Framework for the Health Sector to form part of the District Health Management Teams (DHMTs) which are tasked with monitoring and evaluation roles in the implementation of RBF activities including the verification of results. The design of the scorecard was informed by findings from a study assessing the financing of WCAH services in Kasese district which was commissioned by the Rwenzori Centre for Research and Advocacy (RCRA). The Scorecard adopts a colour coding system of assessment with four levels of performance. In this particular colour coding, red denotes poor performance or no performance at all; yellow denotes basic performance which translates into minimum levels of performance; orange denotes an intermediate or good level of performance and; green denotes advanced performance which is the ideal or expected level of performance. It is important to note that while the scorecard assesses performance of CSOs, it also gives a reflection of the environment that the CSOs are operating in which has implications on their performance.


In this study we talk about the Awareness of RBF activities in the District, Access to information on RBF activities in the district, CSO participation platforms in the district, CSO Coordination mechanism on RBF, Monitoring RBF activities in the district, Institutional knowledge on health financing , CSO support to the implementation of RBF (financial and technical support)


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